Urban Landscaping and the Unconventional Convention Centre.

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The relationship between the design of convention and exhibition centres and the overall urban landscape is a critical and complex issue for architects and urban planners. As large public buildings are typically located in urban areas, convention and exhibition centres play a significant role in shaping the character and functionality of the surrounding area. By considering the needs of the local community and the broader context of the urban landscape, architects can design convention and exhibition centres that enhance the urban environment and provide a range of benefits to the community.

First and foremost, convention and exhibition centres are designed to be accessible and welcoming, providing a place for people to gather and interact. Therefore the design of these buildings plays a key role in creating this sense of community and fostering social connections. The Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre was designed by RMJM

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The Next Phase of Sustainability in Luxury Hotels

In recent blog posts, we have considered current trends in sustainability that impact the built environment, but perhaps no industry is feeling more pressured by consumers than the hospitality sector. As guests become more ecologically savvy, they want assurance that their stay will be as eco-friendly as possible, and their questions are compelling new approaches to the sustainability of luxury hospitality destinations.

Greenwashing Will Not Work

Greenwashing or “green sheen” occurs when an organization promotes green policies or initiatives without addressing that the organization may have a net negative impact on the environment through pollution, carbon emissions, etc. The hospitality industry is no stranger to the term largely because of the increased desirability of green destinations among consumers. “We’re absolutely seeing an increase in green-minded guests looking for opportunities to support businesses that are conscientious of the environment,” says Nichole Peterson, Associate Director of Partnerships and Guest Experience at Visit

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RMJM Serbia has revealed their design for BW Perla – a landmark residential building of Belgrade Waterfront.

Situated in the first row to the Sava River, BW Perla exploits the full potential of the exclusive position. The project is a unique representation of an urban revitalisation of the city and a true pearl of contemporary architecture, which delivers a peak of cosmopolitan life to its residents.

Designed as an extension of the RMJM Serbia’s Belgrade Waterfronts and comprising a series of mixed-use residential schemes, BW Perla has its own distinguished character. Many of the apartments feature generous balconies and terraces opening breathtaking views of the city, and are oriented to maximise daylight and passive environmental benefits. The 25-storey residential building, with direct access to the riverbank, landscaped inner courtyard and decorative water feature consists of 189 residential units of various sizes, all of which featuring high ceilings from 2,60 mt, to 2,90 mt. in all. 

While the project is aligned with BW Terraces, the site differs in

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