The Importance of Doing Meaningful Work and Having a Creative Outlet with Shernise Richardson

meaningful work, creative outlet

Have you ever felt uninspired by your 9 to 5 with no meaningful work and no creative outlet for yourself?

In this episode of The Young Architect Podcast, Shernise Richardson shares her inspiring story on why she’s so passionate about her work and how sketching has played such a big part of her life.

Finding passion in your job can come from many, sometimes unexpected ways. Shernise tells her story about how she found passion in her work to help people live their highest quality of life. 

She also shares tips, tricks, apps and insight on technology she uses to sketch as part of her daily life.

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growth mindset

Have you ever found yourself facing new challenges and having to pivot your mindset? 

In this episode of The Young Architect Podcast Caitlin Morgan joins us to share her inspiring story on how she has been able to keep her growth mindset in order to  adapt and persevere through college, a global pandemic and working on a passion project. 

After graduating college in a global pandemic Caitlin was forced to shift her mindset in order to continue growing as a professional and network in a new way. Within a year of graduating she became Associate Director of AIA Virginia State Board, pass her CDT Certification Exam and has recently dove into working with EmergeAEC. 

 She shares how setting SMART goals in her life has helped propel her to where she is now, and why she was so passionate about sharing this goal setting technique at The Young Architect Summer Series

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Finding Your Niche with Architect Andy Roehl

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After Andy found his path to licensure in Maryland, he didn’t stop there! Since he works on projects all across the country, Andy continues to seek licenses (through reciprocity) in all the states where he is working. He is now licensed in 26 states and has no plans to stop seeking additional licenses. In this episode, you’ll learn that several states have

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