Tackling the ARE Together with Architects Kristin and Matthew Switzer

Looking for a sense of community while studying for the Architect Registration Exam? Matthew and Kristin are here to tell you how helpful it was that they were able to take the journey together!


In this episode of The Young Architect Podcast, Architects Matthew and Kristin Switzer share their inspiring story on how they were able to take on the ARE as a team. Matthew came to architecture in a less direct way than Kristin, by first earning a Bachelor’s in psychology and then later doing an extended Masters program in Architecture. That’s where he met Kristin, who was on a more traditional 4+2 Architecture path. 

The two realized they were going to have to rewire a lot of their thinking in order to pass their exams. They explain how the way you think in Architecture school is vastly different from the mindset you need to successfully study for the ARE.

Matt and Kristin stress the importance of community and togetherness while undergoing this journey .Not only did they study for the ARE together, they also both took The ARE Boot Camp Both emphasized the potential loneliness of studying and how the community in The ARE Boot Camp kept them on track.

Tune in to learn about how Kristin used her habit tracker to keep her motivated and what Matthew used to get him through long days of studying!

How to connect with Kristin or Matthew Further:

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