What wood width should you choose?

As soon as you start shopping around for new engineered wood flooring, you’ll realise it comes in a variety of widths. This option can be confusing because buyers aren’t sure why this is and what the different benefits could be. It seems logical to suppose that the larger the width, the better the deal, as fewer pieces will be needed and it takes less labour to install. However, the range of choices has very little to do with convenience and everything to do with style. If you’re considering investing in wood flooring, the best thing to do is to get to grips with the facts before you start catalogue shopping.

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Big room or small room?

When shopping for engineered flooring for a small room, narrower width wood might seem like an obvious choice. Small things belong in small spaces and big things in big spaces. We think along …

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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Cool


Just like in Vietnam, Indonesia also has a tropical climate that can reach 40 degrees Celsius so that all residents on average must use and need air conditioner. The most fun feeling is when you enjoy a cool room on a weekend. But in fact, excessive use of air conditioner will result in a bloated monthly electricity bill.

To cool the house economically and practically, it takes interior contribution to people who must be hassle to find a solution from the heat of the air. Some of the ways now practiced in Vietnam to make the house feel cooler, such as by planting shade trees around the house, designing open spaces close to nature, using solar energy or adding a fountain feature, fish ponds, in the hope that cold water helps cool the hot air .

Through the following discussions, there are several quality and easy ways to help cool …

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