5 Ways to Make Your Home More Cool


Just like in Vietnam, Indonesia also has a tropical climate that can reach 40 degrees Celsius so that all residents on average must use and need air conditioner. The most fun feeling is when you enjoy a cool room on a weekend. But in fact, excessive use of air conditioner will result in a bloated monthly electricity bill.

To cool the house economically and practically, it takes interior contribution to people who must be hassle to find a solution from the heat of the air. Some of the ways now practiced in Vietnam to make the house feel cooler, such as by planting shade trees around the house, designing open spaces close to nature, using solar energy or adding a fountain feature, fish ponds, in the hope that cold water helps cool the hot air .

Through the following discussions, there are several quality and easy ways to help cool the house without the help of air conditioners or other electric tools at all. Hopefully by applying it, you can feel comfortable in the heat of the air.

1. Natural facilities

A glimpse of this house gives the impression of beautiful and simple. The cool green shade area becomes the key to cooling the heat in the house. Therefore, home building materials that are also made from natural combined with swimming pools along with green grass will create a comfortable relaxation area. The house becomes softer with the combination of water and wood elements that make the energy in the house feel more flowing and maximize fresh air and healthy.

2. Choose a cotton material

Selection of material for pillow cases, sheets, and blankets are used daily. Everything that physically touches with your skin and you use to relax has an effect on your body temperature. Therefore, make sure you choose ingredients that are soothing, quality, modern and more specific than just natural cotton fibers. The advantages of this fabric is the elasticity, durability and ease of cleaning. In addition, hot and humid weather like in Indonesia makes a cool blanket very popular and needed as a clothing material and even a curtain.

3. Provide full light

The design and arrangement of doors and windows in the home is one of the most important parts in building a house. In addition to bringing the beauty of the home and comfort to those living in it, routine door and window openings are also able to provide natural light and fresh air to get in and out of the house. The regular air out of the room makes the room feel cooler and more comfortable with enough lighting throughout the day so you can save on electricity. The presence of air and lighting enough to make the house also free of bacteria and odor without the need to use air freshener. Having windows and doors that complement the house well proves to be a profitable long-term investment.

4. Build a balcony

The balcony of the house is a unique area for a house. The balcony allows for an indoor outdoor area that has sufficient lighting as well as protection from the scorching sun. You can enjoy fresh air anytime on the balcony and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in the afternoons or evenings with the family. Balconies are also like doors and windows, functioning to cool the house without air conditioner.

5. Green area around the house

Planting trees or giving grass rugs around the house is an idea that you can consider carefully for the benefits. Having a garden around the house will make the house look fresh and green, filled with plenty of fresh air. Trees are the natural ingredients needed to make your home feel cool throughout the year without frequent turning on the air conditioner. You can also save monthly electricity bills and this method is affordable and not difficult to be realized. You can feel relaxed because it is always close to nature.