Minimalist House Design With These Tips!

The increasingly limited land to make the house the smaller size, or often referred to as a minimalist home, became increasingly in demand. Currently, simple minimalist home more and more in demand by the community. However, that does not mean small home is not comfortable to occupy. If you know tips and tricks to create a minimalist home design, it’s easy to make your dwelling more attractive.

There are a few tips to make your little home feel more comfortable, spacious and modern look:

1. Maximize Existing Space

Do not make your narrow house narrower by putting unnecessary items in it.

Another thing you should also consider to keep a minimalist house is not too much put furniture on the floor of the house. You can try to use wall shelves to store books rather than tables, or TV shelves stuck to the wall rather than old-fashioned TV sets that take up space in your home.

2. Avoid Excessive Room Barriers

Creating a room divider must be considered when it will form a minimalist home design concept. All you have to remember, the room divider if installed in excess will make the house becomes more narrow. To work around this, some rooms can be made one without walls and replaced with furniture with the same function, which is a barrier. For example, like the picture above, a unique simple shelf has provided a second function as a barrier.

3. Using the Right Color

Painting your room with white or lighter colors will create a spacious and airy impression. Do not use too many colors. The combination of white, light gray and wood accents are the current trend. Design a house with colors that are simple and bright maybe you can try if you want to renovate the room or if you currently buy a new dwelling.

4. Use the Mirror

The bigger the size of the mirror the better. Why? Mirrors that have reflective properties will help create an optical illusion that makes the room seem to grow larger. This will be very beneficial for your minimalist home, as if it will add a new room in the house.

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