The Size of a 4-Seater Dining Table for a Minimalist Home

The size of the 4-seat dining table is usually quite slim and has a minimalist shape. No wonder this type of dining table is often used in small homes. Usually, this dining table is used by a small family of no more than 4 people.

Although the size of this table is quite diverse, the most important thing is to adjust the height of the table with the dining chair.

If you have a dining table with a height of 73-80 cm, make sure the seat distance from the floor is within the range of 40-45 cm.

If you are looking for the right dining table to fill the dining room, we have a number of recommendations that you can use, such as the following.

Yuta Information Dining Table Set

Yuta Dining Table Set from Informa is made of sturdy wood frame with a classic design. The dining table set measuring 160 x 100 x 75.4 cm is equipped with 4 chairs.

You can use the Yuta dining table set to fill the minimalist and Japanese-themed dining room.

Maeve Dining Table Set

Maeve dining table set is dominated by white which makes it look clean and bright. The table set measuring 120 x 70 x 75 cm is suitable for Scandinavian design dining rooms and contemporary restaurants.

Selma Minka Dining Table Set

The dining table from Selma measuring 120 x 70 x 75 cm is made of glass, making it look more modern. With a deep black color, this dining table set will look elegant and elegant.

Zeus Dining Table Set

The Zeus dining table set is available in two color choices, namely black and white. This table is made of glass and metal. When not in use, you can store a bench under the table so it saves more space.

Pristine Dining Table Set

A dining table that can be moved anywhere will save space. Well, this Pristine dining table set has wheels and shelves to store cutlery. In addition to eating, you can use it as an additional table.

Lazio Dining Table Set

Lazio dining table set consists of 1 round dining table with a diameter of 120 cm and equipped with 4 chairs measuring 47 x 52 x 84 cm. Because it is made of wood, this dining table set looks natural and is suitable for you to combine with various room designs.

Mora Dining Table Set 112 x 60 x 92 cm

The size of this 4-seater dining table is about 112 x 60 x92 cm with a model resembling an industrial mini bar. In addition, you can store cutlery on the shelf next to the table.

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