Using a Home-Renting Service Can Help Pay Your Mortgage

For a typical family, housing costs will be the single greatest item in their budget. Housing costs generally account for about a third of a homeowner’s take home pay. Many homeowners, therefore, look for ways to help them lower their housing costs. If you have a larger than average home, or even just an extra room, it might be a good idea to consider allowing a guest to stay there. Doing so can really help you pay the mortgage on your home. Even for those who do not have great housing costs, renting out even a single room for a night or two or even more can really make a difference in their bottom line. Working with a reputable company to get the listing noticed can pay off even more.


Getting It Ready

Before you do anything else, you will need to prepare your home for your first listing. Click for more info and find out what you need to do right now. For many homeowners, this starts with cleaning up the home from top to bottom. You want the home to look good in pictures. Clear out as much clutter as possible from every place including your private spaces. You want any photographs you take to look fabulous and make the rooms in your home look spacious and inviting. It’s a good idea to consider creating a particularly inviting bathroom with sparkling fixtures and new linens.


Showing Off Personality

You also want to show off your personality to any potential guest. A home that has personality is likely to attract more guests. Highlight the many amenities you have in your space. For example, if you have a pool in your backyard, show it off. If you live in a complex with great access to a major city, you want to make it clear that it’s very easy for anyone staying at your home to get there quickly and easily. Consider using pictures of a local subway map or a well-developed picture of a highway that leads to many places in the region. If you can demonstrate that you’re near many important locations that travelers like, you may get more requests for a stay.


Preparing for Your First Guest

After you take your first steps, you can start thinking about welcoming in your first guests. Your guests will typically book your room or your entire home at least a few days in advance. This should give you enough time to prepare for their visit. It’s a good idea to make sure that everything has been confirmed in advance including the exact time of their arrival. You also want to make sure the guest or any additional guests know where you are located before they arrive in your area. To that end, it’s a good idea to keep a cell phone on hand in order to help answer any last-minute questions they might have and help them find their way to your home.