2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep

Black Friday Sale 2022 Copy 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam

Ahhh, good ol ‘Black Friday…

Last year, I curated a list of all of the best discounts for ARE Prep during Black Friday.

(When I say best — I mean great discounts AND products I would personally endorse because I’ve used them and seen others benefit tremendously). 

When I previously provided a list like this, it went VIRAL. People said, “THANK YOU Mike for putting this together. You’ve saved me SO much time (and money) by doing this round up!”

Here’s an overview of the products featured this year/ Act quickly to take advantage of these time sensitive deals…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that I may earn a small commission on at no additional cost to you.

Bootcamp V2 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam
The ARE Boot Camp

Since 2015, Young Architect’s ARE Boot Camp has helped thousands of Emerging Professionals become Registered Architects. 

You are an ideal candidate for this program if you love having step-by-step guidance, a supportive community, and proven resources to fast track your progress.

To kick off 2023, there will be TWO January Boot Camps because in the past the January Boot Camps have always sold out very fast.

The 2 options for January 2023 ARE Boot Camp are:

  1. Beginning on TUESDAY Jan 3rd 2023 (…and will meet every Tuesday for 10 weeks)
  2. Beginning on MONDAY Jan 30th 2023 (…and will meet every Monday for 10 weeks)

The ARE Boot Camp is regularly priced at $999, but it is currently discounted to $849 ($150 off!) for the upcoming January 2023 ARE Boot Camp. 

Use the discount code BOOTCAMP22 at checkout.

This discount is ONLY applicable to the January 2023 ARE Boot Camp for the pay in full option.

Timing: Registration for January Boot Camp opens on Wednesday, November 23rd at 10am ET and this promotion will end on Monday, November 28th at 11:59pm ET. 

All the details about ARE Boot Camp are at YoungArchitect.com/AREbootcamp


Academy V2 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam
The Young Architect Academy

Our mission is to bring you quality ARE Prep Study Materials at an affordable price. We provide a clear, actionable approach to passing ARE 5.0.

Because we aim to keep Academy pricing as accessible as possible year round, Black Friday is the ONLY time the Young Architect Academy is offered at an additional discount.

All Products are 25% off with the discount code: ACADEMY22

Timing: Valid from Wednesday, November 23rd at 10am ET until Monday, November 28th at 11:59pm ET. 

Visit The Young Architect Academy


v2 webinar 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam
How To Confidently Pass ARE 5.0 in 2023: Live Online Webinar with Q&A – 12/8/22 

I (Michael Riscica) will be giving my beginner ARE Lecture on December 8th, 2022. 

This 2 hour lecture is very different from the presentations that NCARB or other organizations give about the ARE.  It’s a real-world, truth-filled presentation that will help you start making immediate progress with this exam.

Who is it for? 

This is for you if you are just getting started with the AREs and/or you haven’t passed any exams. 

We talk about PPD/PDD strategy in the big picture, but mostly focus on the best possible way to get started with the ARE.

Space is limited and tickets are $10 per person. 

Use the discount code: WEBINAR22 for 50% off. (…its $5 with this code)

Timing: Valid from Wednesday, November 23rd at 10am ET until Monday, November 28th at 11:59pm ET. 

Click here to learn more about the ARE Webinar


The Amber Book Logo 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam

The Amber Book Black Friday Sale

Michael Ermann and our friends at Amber Book are discounting their product $170 off per month, so you will be billed $240 per month moving forward, instead of the regular price of $410. 

The discount code is YABF2022 While you may be aware that there is a discount for organizing your own group, this discount saves you from having to do that and is $20/month cheaper!!

YES, You can sign up now to lock in the low rate, pause it and reactivate it when you’re ready to get started with Amber Book. Just email Amber Book at [email protected]

No need to sign up with a group of people or email back and forth with Amber Book Staff.

It’s no secret that I am a very big fan of the Amber Book. It has been used by many ARE Boot Campers and ARE Facebook Group Members to pass ARE 5.0 exams. Click here to read the review I wrote about Amber Book a few months ago.

Timing: Starts on Thursday, Nov 24th (Thanksgiving) at 12:01am ET and will end on Cyber Monday, Nov 28th at 11:59 PT

If you would like to sign up before or after the special Black Friday Sales you can always visit: YoungArchitect.com/AMBERdiscount and you will be emailed a code.  We are constantly setting up groups to receive the best discounts.

Visit The Amber Book Website.


Pluralsight 1 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam

Pluralsight Videos

Pluralsight offers fantastic video content for ARE 5.0 (at a very low cost) and they are offering a 50% off sale for Black Friday. 

Pluralsight told me this is the biggest sale they have ever done!

No discount code is needed.

Timing: Monday, November 21st – Monday, November 28th.

Visit Pluralsight’s Architect Exam Products


WeARE 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam

WeARE ARE Practice Questions

WeARE is offering 30% off all their products with the discount code: WEARE_thankful

Timing: Wednesday, November 24th through Thursday, December 1st

Visit WeARE’s Website

elif1 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam
ARE Questions.com

The ADA Practice Questions will be 50% off, which brings the cost to $10.  

No discount code needed, Elif told me she will manually adjust the price on the website. 

Timing: Beginning from Wednesday Nov 23rd to end of Sunday Nov 27th.

Visit AREquestions.com   

Intersect arts xq 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam
Intersect Arts XQ Practice Questions

I spoke to Kevin Griendling (the guy that made all the Pluralsight videos) and he will be offering 50% off of a 1 month subscription to his ARE practice questions. 

No code necessary, Kevin will just manually adjust pricing on his end. 

Timing: Thursday November 24th to Monday Nov 28th

Click here to visit Intersect Arts Webpage


designerhackslogo 02 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam

Designer Hacks Practice Questions

Designer Hacks has not yet announced a Black Friday Discount or if they are doing one. I will update this section if they send out an email with a discount code. Either way, I have always been a big fan of Designer Hacks.

Visit Designer Hacks Website


PPI Exam prep for engineering, architecture, interior design, and surveying exams

PPI (…aka Ballast) 

While PPI is not holding a special Black Friday sale for ARE Prep, I got permission to share with you the 15% discount they have given the ARE Boot Campers.

Click YoungArchitect.com/PPI and it will automatically apply a 15% discount at checkout. No discount code is required and it will only work on all products that are not already on sale or discounted. 

Timing: No deadline, works year round.

Visit PPI’s Website

CDT Certification Prep

CSI logo 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam
Set yourself up for success for the Spring 2023 CDT Cycle.

Obtaining the Construction Documents Technologist (CDT) Certification is becoming very popular among ARE Candidates, due to the overlap in content and simplicity of studying and obtaining this certification. 

If you are unfamiliar with The CDT Certification then you should check out the video I made at YoungArchitect.com/CDT where I explain the whole thing. 

***ARE Boot Camp Members (past, present and future) are eligible for several more discounts with becoming CDT Certified in Spring 2023. Please do not purchase anything CDT related at this time. I will provide you with more information after Black Friday.


CSI portland logo 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam

CDT Class – CSI Portland

CSI Portland — In my opinion, offers one of the best seminars to help you pass your CDT. I’ve personally taken this course and I highly recommend it! 

On Black Friday, they are offering $100 off the non-CSI member price of $500.  

Use code CSIBlackFriday to save on the CDT course. 

Timing:  Valid from Wednesday, November 23rd at 10am ET until Monday, November 28th at 11:59pm ET. 

Link to the CSI Portland CDT Class Website

Amazon Stuff

As you all know, Amazon loves to drop prices during the holiday season. While a lot of the ARE books are not on sale at the moment, keep an eye out for discounts over the next few weeks.  

You might be able to score a few great deals on the books we often recommend for ARE 5.0.  

Here is a list of some of the most popular ARE Books:

Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice Version 15 

Architects Studio Companion (recently updated)

Law For Architects/Kindle – Kindle is half cost the hard copy

Olin’s Construction 

Mehta Building Construction 

Simplified Engineering 

Heating Cooling and Lighting 

Lastly, some excellent noise canceling headphones for studying!


So before the feathers fly this holiday season, get online and grab yourself some big savings.  

Stock up on the best ARE study materials so that 2023 is your year to PASS!   

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Michael Riscica

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