Designers share tips for bringing more color into your home


If you’re tired of having a home full of neutral furnishings and paint — a la the prevailing design trends of recent years — but feel a bit skittish about completely reversing course, you’re certainly not alone.

“Many homeowners tend to stay away from color. Some may even be fearful of it,” says Robin Gannon, whose firm, Robin Gannon Interiors, is based in Lexington, Mass. She attributes this to a few things. “They may not have been exposed to color or pattern in their formative years, and the homes we were raised in really influence our design aesthetics and preferences. Others like color but are scared of what the final space will look like, fearing that they will invest time and money to end up with a room they hate.”

Take heart, though: Even the most color-shy people don’t have to be banished to

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Bob Walsmith: Eight Home Design Features for Pets | Business

For most of us, our pets are family. We let them sleep in our beds, ladle nutritional supplements on their organic kibble, and throw birthday parties for them. In fact, we love our animal companions so much that we even choose a home and a home design for pets.

These numbers tell the story. Forty-three percent of pet owners say they’d move to accommodate their pet, according to a 2021 study from the National Association of Realtors. What’s more, 68% of pet owners surveyed by say they’d pass on an otherwise perfect home that didn’t meet their pet’s needs.

According to the same survey, nearly 95% of pet-owning respondents say their furry companion plays a role in selecting a home.

Here are some pet-friendly features that will make a home more welcoming for animals.

A Pet Bathing Station

Washing a dog in a normal bathtub can be miserable.

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2022 Home Design Trends To Watch, According to Houzz

Home renovation and design platform, released the 2022 top emerging home design trends based on the latest search insights from its community of homeowners, home design enthusiasts, and home professionals.

The trends highlight the continued need for dedicated activity spaces, a focus on indoor-outdoor living, a rise in bathroom grooming, and a deep dive into resort-style pool design. The report also shows an increase in homeowners honoring architectural origins and smart-storage solutions are important in 2022.

Read on below to see these top trends and gain some inspiration for your next home renovation adventure!

Home design from innovations design
Home design from innovations design

Dedicated Activity Spaces

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have continued to make their homes the center point for new avenues of activity and entertainment and it shows in the increased searches seen on Houzz this year for the following specific features:

  • Home bar –
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