Finding Your Niche with Architect Andy Roehl

 Have you been wanting to specializeand discover how it could change your career trajectory? Andy tells his story on how finding his niche led him to the successful firm he has now.


In this episode of The Young Architect Podcast, Architect Andy Roehl shares his journey on how he founded his firm Moonlight Architecture and the story behind the name. Surviving the recession of 2008 was no easy feat and Andy is here to tell how he creatively used his niche to create a successful and flourishing firm. 

After Andy found his path to licensure in Maryland, he didn’t stop there! Since he works on projects all across the country, Andy continues to seek licenses (through reciprocity) in all the states where he is working. He is now licensed in 26 states and has no plans to stop seeking additional licenses. In this episode, you’ll learn that several states have supplemental exams and how Andy went about taking them.

Since taking his California Supplemental exam and passing Andy has started working with Helen Vasquez to coach the CSE Boot Camp! This ongoing coaching program has already helped so many people pass the CSE and Andy is excited and proud to keep it going! Tune in to learn more!

How to connect with Andy Further:

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Andy on Facebook

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