Practical Ways to Acquire Additional Space

Not unlike most homeowners, the challenge of storing and decluttering is enormous. If you live in a place for more than two months, your home organizational skills can be put to a test so strong that you find yourself entertaining the topic of “My Next House” and how it will meet your spatial needs. Day by day, with each purchase, each gift, even each simple wish list item, your acquisitions are a threat to your thoughtfully organized domicile. Just short of emptying its contents, your house will never feel clean or fresh until you can find the time, as well as space, to store its ever-growing contents. But there is no need to despair.

You can give the appearance of being organized in the presence of disarray. There is a “fix”! What’s the “fix”? HIDE IT!┬áHiding clutter behind closed doors was the answer to my home. But not just any doors – sliding closet doors. Why sliding? Because they work and I recommend it to you.

While traditional hinged doors require space to operate, sliding doors give you full access to all of your space. For instance, starting in my office, I hid my daily used desktop and printer, a file cabinet, and a bookcase. Still able to close the doors, I also hid a few storage boxes containing old memorabilia (pictures, greeting cards, and some cassette tapes). This left space to enjoy the center of the room with tea and crumpets unconfined by clutter. How liberating!

As for additional bedroom space, you’ll find sleep much easier to come by when you’re not trying to breathe over a, less than silent, air purifier. Hide it in a closet. Clothing and shoes can also be stored behind closed doors. Not forever, just until you’re freed up to arrange your life again.

I chose sliding doors for my office and bedroom, but there are other styles from which to choose. There are the bifold doors, accordion doors, pocket doors, and French doors to name a few. Each of these styles can save space and create more room.

You can be as creative as you like. It can be as expensive or inexpensive as you choose. But that is the point, it’s your choice. If you are in the enviable position of building or remodeling, it’s your call while you are designing your closet system. It’s not as easy once the building is complete, but it can be fun. Determining the amount of additional space needed, choosing the style of your doors, and ultimately, the installation can be an effort well worth the undertaking.

Take the time to research other styles as well. What’s your taste? Is this a personal objective or will you have a contractor to accomplish the needed work? It shouldn’t be a marathon project. If it makes life easier and less cumbersome – hide it. The simple fact is if you have to hide it, hide it well behind closed doors. It’s cheaper than buying that new house!