The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Shower Base

There are numerous aspects you need to look at when it comes to purchasing a shower base. This is important since if you ignore one or two things, you might make a mistake of buying an item that does not fit well in your bathroom. Therefore, before you begin buying, ensure you follow a guide to get the best shower bases for your bathroom.

Shower Base Size

Size is among the most crucial components to consider when it comes to picking your shower base. Choosing a base that is not the right size will not hold the water inside. This means that water will have room to escape from the shower, causing the growth of mold and other water damage. For this reason, finding the base with the right size should be the first thing to consider. Furthermore, if you pick a shower base that has a door that opens outwards, ensure you have adequate space in your bathroom so that the door can open fully. Measure the space of your bathroom before you start your search.


good shower base should fit snug to the shower enclosure to avoid the overflowing of water. The tight fit is linked to the shape of the base. The bases come in numerous different shapes whereby some are meant for various bathroom sizes. Here are some of these shapes.

Square Base

There are numerous things you can do with square trays. For this reason, square shower base tends to be different from other types. One of the most flexible options with a square base is the kind of doors you choose with it. You can fit the shower base with numerous door styles. For instance, if your bathroom is large, you can choose two outward opening doors. If your bathroom is small, you can fit the square base with bifold doors and save some space.

Rectangle Tray

Rectangle shower base tends to be larger and more spacious. You can as well be creative with the indoors, but most of the rectangular base come with sliding doors. Since the doors will eliminate the opening space, it can be used in small bathrooms. If you have a shower with enough space to move around, you need to choose a rectangle base.

Quadrant Base

They are designed to fit well into corners, but they come with a curved front that forms a luxury shower space. Also, they come with either hinged doors or sliding doors that will help you save bathroom space. However, if the general size of the shower is significant to you, quadrant basses can also be used.


The appearance and material of the base can transform an ordinary bathroom into a cozy bathroom. However, some factors need to be considered when choosing the best material than just looking at your favorite color. Each material has its advantages and drawbacks. If you intend to match the overall décor to your shower base, you should opt to choose stone or acrylic. Acrylic trays are affordable and easy to install as compared to other materials.