From Delivering Pizzas to Becoming a Licensed Architect with Evan Berger

Licensed Architect

Are you worried it’s too late or you’re too old to become a Licensed Architect? Evan Berger is here to tell you that it’s NOT!

In this episode of The Young Architect Podcast, Evan tells his inspiring story of making the decision to quit his job delivering pizzas in order to dive head first into architecture school. He took this all on while raising his son. Evan explains how having his child watch him go through the process of Architecture school, Graduate school, AXP and the AREs made becoming a licensed Architect even more special. 

He also shares how he got into volunteering and how it has benefited him personally and professionally. He started as an associate director of AIAS Albuquerque, which eventually led him to becoming the licensing advisor for the State Of New Mexico.

Tune in to hear why Evan thinks anyone can become an Architect if they truly put their mind to it.

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