Young Architect Gift Guide – 2022 Edition

ya gift guide fb Young Architect Gift Guide - 2022 Edition Architect Gifts

Ahhh, the holiday season is here!

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve done a holiday gift guide.

But recently I went through ALL of my Amazon purchases and picked out what I thought could help you choose some the best gifts for Architects or gifts FROM an Architect. 

All of the items mentioned below have been used and vetted by me (Michael Riscica) personally. These are gifts that I strongly recommend.

To make this guide easier to navigate, I’ve broken them into the following categories:

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Architect Home Gifts

Record Player Young Architect Gift Guide - 2022 Edition Architect Gifts
Record player 

Audio-Technica Record Player

I own 2 record players, but this is my favorite mainly because of the automatic start and stop. 

You’ll need some speakers for that record player so here is a link to a beautiful Marshall Speaker or some cheap ones. Both sound great! 


Architect gift

The Smartest Vacuum ever made

I think Roomba has made it on every gift guide YA has put out. Yes, I know Roombas are expensive, but they are 100% worth it.

Also. Roombas have gotten significantly smarter the past few years. They can now identify and clean around dog poop, chords and the dirty clothes you left on the floor. 


jenga2 Young Architect Gift Guide - 2022 Edition Architect Gifts


The Best Architecture Game

Perfect gift from an Architect. 

Pro-Tip: Don’t ask if people want to play Jenga, just set it up and start playing it. 


Young Architect Gift Guide

Buck Knife 

The only knife everyone needs

This design is timeless. The materials look even more beautiful in real life. 



white noise machine Young Architect Gift Guide - 2022 Edition Architect Gifts

White Noise Machine

Finally get some sleep ??

This is a great gift for everyone. 

It’s perfect for masking annoying sounds or anyone who is a light sleeper. I often use this so I don’t have to hear my girlfriend’s work conversations in the other room. I even used it to put the puppy to sleep. 

It’s powered by a battery or a cord. Sometimes I take it with me when I travel. 

I know there are many white noise machines, but this is the cheapest and best one I’ve encountered. 


Reading lamp Young Architect Gift Guide - 2022 Edition Architect Gifts

Neck Reading Lamp

Perfect for reading in bed

If you’ve ever struggled with getting appropriate lighting to read in bed while also being comfortable, this reading lamp is a game changer. 

Architect Furniture Gifts

In November 2020 ,I purchased my first home and moved in with very little furniture. After spending many sleepless nights looking for modern furniture that I can afford… 

I’ve given up and just started building my own furniture.  

However, there are still a few things I found (after all those hours of searching) that I highly recommend. All this furniture makes a great gift especially to someone you live with. 

Here are some of my favorites. 

Young Architect Gift Guide

Dining Room Chairs

Comfortable and affordable

These chairs are beautiful. We have 6 of them at my dining table. 

Young Architect Gift Guide

Bedside Table

2 Drawer Night Stand

Even though it’s made of particle board and melamine, I love this design. The sloped drawers give it great depth and it’s a testament that you can still make great design even with cheap materials.  

I keep my neck reading lamp in here. 

 plant stand Young Architect Gift Guide - 2022 Edition Architect Gifts

Plant Stands 

Your plants want sexy modern legs too! 

Cool pink one

We have a bunch of these

Ohhh check out this concrete pot! 


Young Architect Gift Guide


Where did you get that Chandelier?!???

Amazon has great light fixtures! 

We also installed this in the living room! 

And this in the mud room. 

Young Architect Gift Guide

Modern Coat Rack

Budget knockoff Eames Coat rack 

Here is a link to the original.


Young Architect Gift Guide

Mouse Shape Resin Creative Desk Light

He’s helping out.

Architect Kitchen Gifts

Young Architect Gift Guide

Kitty Cat Klock

Belongs in every kitchen


Young Architect Gift Guide

Everything Bagel Seasoning

Perfect on pretty much everything! 


Young Architect Gift Guide

Countertop Vacuum Cleaner

You’ll need this to clean up all the everything bagel seasoning. 


Young Architect Gift Guide

Fruit bowl

Another cheaper knockoff 

Here is a link to the original


Young Architect Gift Guide

Blue Q Kitchen Stuff 

This is the gifty-est link on this entire list. 


spork Young Architect Gift Guide - 2022 Edition Architect Gifts

Titanium Spork

Perfect for eating lasagna and ice cream.

I have like five of these!


Architect Work/Office Gifts 

Water Young Architect Gift Guide - 2022 Edition Architect Gifts

Bluetooth Water Bottle

Automatically tracks daily water intake.



Young Architect Gift Guide

A Quality Headset

My personal favorite headset

I spend 40 hours a week in zoom meetings. This $200 headset makes it much more manageable. 



Young Architect Gift Guide

Standing Desk

Sitting is the new smoking

I purchased these adjustable legs from amazon and then used this ikea countertop as the table top. It looks great! 



Young Architect Gift Guide

Office chairs

This office chair is really attractive but isn’t that comfortable. It used to match my fake Eames chair. (..till i broke it) 

This office chair is really comfortable and kind of ugly.


pilot G2 Young Architect Gift Guide - 2022 Edition Architect Gifts

Architect’s Pens – The Variety Pack 

New Gift Idea: Buy bulk pens and give your family members a variety pack of your favorite Architect pens. 

Here’s a few crowd pleasers…


Architect Gift

Battery Charger

Don’t leave home without it! 

This battery charges my phone extremely fast. 


Young Architect Gift Guide

Domestika Design Courses

Quality Online Design Classes

I’ve learned a lot about furniture design and woodworking from these Domestika online courses. Most of the courses are not in English, but the translated subtitles are very good. 


popcorn Young Architect Gift Guide - 2022 Edition Architect Gifts

The Popcorn Tin

Just give everyone a popcorn tin and call it a day.

Done and Done! 

Pet Gifts

Thoughts of dog Young Architect Gift Guide - 2022 Edition Architect Gifts

Thoughts of a Dog Calendar

Perfect daily calendar for a dog lover


Young Architect Gift Guide

Battery Powered Pet Toys

Pet tech has come a long way.

Smart Dog Bone

Motorized Ball for cats and dogs



Young Architect Gift Guide

Donut dog bed

This is the bed that all the dogs are barking about. 


Young Architect Gift Guide


The dog will thank you.


Weird/Cool Gifts

Young Architect Gift Guide


For the backyard

…or the Christmas Tree! 

Young Architect Gift Guide

Lifesize Cardboard Danny Devito

”Can I offer you a nice egg in this tryin time?”


possum Young Architect Gift Guide - 2022 Edition Architect Gifts

The Office Possum

He lives inside my dining room chandelier. 

Young Architect Gift Guide

Prank Gift Box

Perfect for lame gifts or just give them as empty boxes 


Architect Gift

Zhdun Meme Homunculus Loxodontus 

A patient friend. 

…okay that’s pretty much all the cool stuff in my new house. 


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