Hanging Out in the Trees with Architect Brian Johnson

How much persistence do you have when it comes to achieving your goals?


In this episode of The Young Architect Podcast, Brian Johnson discusses the importance of persistence when it comes to achievement.

The main thread in Brian’s story is never giving up and taking it step by step to reach your dreams. While in Architecture School, Brian learned about treehouse design and became determined to work for Tree House Masters. He pursued a job there relentlessly and continually worked toward his goal.

Hear his amazing story of how he reached out to them over and over again, taking a creative and passionate approach, which eventually landed him the position he had been working toward. He was thrilled. Check out his reaction here! He later went on to work on this tree house featured on Tree House Masters on Animal Planet!

Later, Brian put his persistence to work again; this time,  he had his sights sent on passing the Architect Registration Exams (ARE Exams) and becoming a licensed Architect.

He is open about his initial setbacks when it came to passing exams and how he was willing to try any and all methods in order to see the process through. He also discusses how important it is to celebrate success and try different methods if the first one does not work.

Come hang out in the trees to hear what’s next for Brian and his love of treehouses, as well as his best advice for how to become a licensed Architect.

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