Side Hustles and Entrepreneurship with Nick Loper

Are you looking for a way to bring in some extra money outside of your current full time job? Do you wonder how to make your side hustle, or passion project into a profitable business? Let’s talk all about how to make it happen with Nick Loper!

side hustles

In this episode of The Young Architect Podcast, Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation shares all the creative ways he has made money over the years, and even shares the inside scoop on some of his business plans that didn’t work out. 

Nick tells us his story about working his corporate job for several years while running a few side hustles in his spare time and how he eventually left corporate America to follow his dreams of entrepreneurship. Tune in to hear how Nick made it through the recession of 2008 and has grown his business following all the twists and turns

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Craftsman House Plans (2)

Craftsman Style House PlansDrummond House Plans revives flip-of-the-century hand-hewn artisan craftsmanship with an ever-increasing assortment of Craftsman architectural style (also known as Arts and Crafts) house plans.

Just guessing here however as a result of there are such a lot of places for water to retain there’s going to be heavy moss constructed-up and cracking or loosening of the bricks attributable to freezing and thawing. I enjoy and admire the look however would fear the fixed chasing of unfastened, damaged, or falling-out of the rocks that make up the look. The style is likely to be better suited to California’s local weather reasonably than that of extra northern regions that see extra fluctuation in temperatures, a rise of parts that may deteriorate the looks and more importantly the steadiness of the Crafted stone look.

The concepts behind the movement resembling easy types, the use of pure materials and making things stunning with handcrafted …

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2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep

Black Friday Sale 2022 Copy 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam

Ahhh, good ol ‘Black Friday…

Last year, I curated a list of all of the best discounts for ARE Prep during Black Friday.

(When I say best — I mean great discounts AND products I would personally endorse because I’ve used them and seen others benefit tremendously). 

When I previously provided a list like this, it went VIRAL. People said, “THANK YOU Mike for putting this together. You’ve saved me SO much time (and money) by doing this round up!”

Here’s an overview of the products featured this year/ Act quickly to take advantage of these time sensitive deals…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that I may earn a small commission on at no additional cost to you.

Bootcamp V2 2022 Black Friday Deals for ARE 5.0 Prep Architect Exam
The ARE Boot Camp

Since 2015, Young Architect’s ARE Boot Camp has helped thousands of Emerging Professionals become Registered Architects. 

You are an ideal candidate for this

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Digital Transformation: Mohamed Salah – RMJM

Why did you choose to study Digital Transformation as a Master’s degree?
We are in the information age, and I can say with certainty that it is still in its infancy. Organisations find themselves again at the cusp of profound technological increasing influences and changes, the internet has disrupted age-old industries at the same time as giving rise to completely new ones. 

I always believed that the same technology can succeed in one organisation while significantly failing in another, as it does not depend on the technology itself but on the complex interactions between the organisations and technology. These complex interactions in terms of people, process, organisation structure, and technology is what I strongly sought to learn and understand, as well as the various factors an organisation considers when constructing a digital strategy.  The programme I chose looked at digital transformation in diverse ways and through different interconnections while also

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A Brief History of the High-Rise Tower

Estimated reading time: 5 min

While there is not one universal definition of what a high-rise is classed as, according to the International Building Code (IBC), ‘a building is considered a high-rise when there is an ‘occupied floor’ more than 75 feet (roughly 7 stories) above the lowest level of fire department vehicle access’ (1).

The first example of a high-rise building was recorded in 1884. It was constructed by William LeBaron Jenney for the Home Insurance Company in Chicago, Illinois and sat at a grand 180 feet or 12 stories upon completion. Since then the concept has flourished, and there are now over 25,000 buildings over 7 stories across the globe- approximately a quarter of which are located in China alone (2). Though this may be surprising at first read, when the purpose of the high-rise is considered, the fact becomes a given.  

This is

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Designing with Ambition: Tean Chee Ko

As the Design Director for RMJM RED, can you explain your creative process when dealing with architecture and design?
We were always taught that the start of the design process is the most critical. The big picture of master planning is so definitive. It is about placemaking and how the development contributes to the precinct, how it is making the surrounding area better. The buildings themselves create and support this ideology. 

We often find that the initial gut feeling about how to approach a project is the most accurate way forward. After exploring various options, we tend to find that those intuitive reactions were robust. We continually try to learn to trust our intuition and rely less on working through all the permutations. Having said that, sometimes the ‘correct’ scheme seems to need to be discovered through a process of attrition.

Of course, the design is only as good as

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Emerging Trends in Hospitality Design

Impacted by numerous global shifts and movements, the hospitality industry has had to reevaluate how they design their interiors if they are to stay updated with our ever-evolving society. Factors such as sustainability, work-adaptability and more have changed the way in which customers now assess and inform their choices when choosing a business.
From small changes, such as the emotions and atmosphere a hotel room creates, to larger ones, such as interior designs catering to the ‘new normal’ and energy-enhancing architecture, it has become crucial to design an experience tailored to the individual rather than the trend.

The last few years have been a transformative time in many aspects, a time in which many have learnt the significance of the emotional environment that interior design can create and influence. The emotional needs of the home have become as equally important as function. As people begin to travel again, they carry

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RMJM Dubai has revealed their design for the “Hills Park” development by Emaar, strategically located in the heart of Dubai

The masterfully planned, residential development “Hills Park” is nestled in the heart of a thriving community Dubai Hills Estate development. Situated between Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina, flanked by Al Khail Road, this project offers easy access to the city’s most popular districts and attractions. This comprehensive neighbourhood is the perfect setting for a community- focused lifestyle and is just footsteps from a host of retail, dining and entertainment experiences, yet connected to meticulously landscaped greens.The lush green landscape looks to create a space where residents can venture into their own garden space, acting as a place of refuge, relaxation and a sense of homeliness. As the day turns to night, the landscape users can relax and unwind in the gardens throughout the podium with lush planting surrounds and amenities such as an infinity pool, kids pool, health and fitness facilities, sun deck, multi-functional lawn, BBQ and dining facilities.

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The Sustainable Future of Architecture: Brenda Ye

You’ve been living and working in Hong Kong for many years now, how has the city shaped the way you approach design?
Hong Kong is a dense metropolis and just like many other cities in China, they are building up their density and expanding vertically. This can be a rather alienating environment as space is stacked and rather disconnected, while the narrow sidewalks at ground level are crowded and frantic. This is why we always try to implement shared spaces throughout our projects; to give the end-users interactive and relaxed spaces to enjoy whether it is a tower project or a campus style project. 

We’re always looking for ways to break down the ‘stacked slabs’ and create a ‘horizontality’ through bridge spaces or some integration with the podium to introduce usable roof space or terraces. The Shenzhen Bay Innovation and Technology Centre project and the Ningbo Yongjiang Innovation Centre

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Contemporary Hospitality: Reconnecting with Nature

Previously we have looked at various interior design changes that we see emerging in the field of hospitality design, though one additional and significant area of change has been seen with the incorporation and role sustainability and ecological choices are now playing within this. Of course, it is not just the field of hospitality that these changes are being made, it is a movement that is sweeping across all areas of architecture and is becoming one of the most prevalent themes driving design. 

Between energy costs continuing to rise and people becoming more concerned about the reality of global warming, we see a boom in supply and demand for these changes both internally and externally. As explained by Brenda Ye, RMJM RED’s Executive Director, in a recent interview with RMJM:
“The climate crisis is an immediate threat and we are in a position of responsibility when it comes to trying

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